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A Family Thanks to TFC – Charity and Doug’s Story

Newlyweds struggle to conceive

A Family Thanks to TFC - Finding IVF success at Texas Fertility Center - Overcoming EndometriosisCharity and Doug got married in 2011 and started trying to conceive six months later. “We were older when we got married, so we thought we should start trying as soon as possible,” she explains. After trying without success for a year or so, the couple went to Charity’s OB/GYN for answers.

According to Charity, “My doctor said everything looked good, but that I had some endometriosis. She did a surgery to clean it up and said we should be pregnant in about three months, but we weren’t.”

Her doctor then recommended that she undergo a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) to assess her fallopian tubes. However, the couple still couldn’t conceive. That’s when Charity’s OB/GYN referred them to Texas Fertility Center (TFC).

Finding IVF success at Texas Fertility Center

The couple saw Natalie Burger MD for their fertility treatment. After she reviewed their medical history and test results, she recommended intrauterine insemination (IUI). After two cycles, Charity and Doug decided to move to in vitro fertilization (IVF).

“IVF was easier for me than most people. I didn’t have any weight gain or mood swings. I also didn’t mind giving myself the shots. The hardest part was honestly just waiting two weeks (after the embryo transfer) to find out if I was pregnant,” Charity recalls.

A Family Thanks to TFC - Finding IVF success at Texas Fertility Center - Overcoming Endometriosis

The first IVF cycle worked for the couple. They conceived and gave birth to their daughter Eleanor in 2015. They then welcomed a healthy baby boy named Daniel in 2017. According to Charity, “I like to say that Dr. Burger put a little extra cuteness in our kids because they are adorable.”

Charity and Doug decided they were ready to add to their family again, so they visited Dr. Burger again. The couple is now proud to report that they are expecting twins. “We have been abundantly blessed through this process. We thought we might never have one, and we are about to have four,” Charity says.

Advice for other hopeful parents

Charity believes that having faith in the process makes all the difference. “You need to trust your doctor. It might not happen immediately or the way you think, but you can have a family.” She points to her own story as an example. “My husband and I struggled for three years to get pregnant. My doctor said everything was fine, but nothing was working until we came to TFC.”

When looking back at the process, Charity found that TFC made it much easier. “I wish I could have stayed with TFC all the way through giving birth. The team’s willingness to work with our schedules and meet our needs made the process much less stressful.”

She also appreciated the effective and compassionate care at the clinic. According to Charity, “They’re all so kind and patient. It’s like they’re family. We could not be more grateful for the assistance we have received from Dr. Burger and TFC to bring these angels into our lives.”

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