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Becoming Parents Through IVF After Years of Trying

Becoming Parents Through IVF After Years of Trying

Becoming parents through IVF after years of trying

Becoming parents through IVF after years of tryingTexas Fertility Center helps many women and men in becoming parents through IVF. However, many patients receive years of inadequate fertility support before receiving the high-quality care of our fertility specialists. Our patient Ashley experienced this first-hand.

Ashley and her husband discussed children before they were married and agreed they wanted a family. They assumed conceiving would be simple. After a few years of marriage, they began trying without any concerns of fertility challenges. But after multiple years of trying to conceive, they went to an OB/GYN who one of Ashley’s friends recommended, not realizing that a fertility specialist was what they really needed.

The OB/GYN administered tests and assured them that they would eventually conceive, as Ashley was young, and the tests weren’t showing any major issues. Under the care of the OB/GYN, Ashley took various oral medications to support conception and tried multiple IUIs, but she still couldn’t conceive.

Ashley’s doctor then recommended surgical testing because she suspected that Ashley had polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). However, the test was inconclusive.

The next steps on the path to parenthood

“In 2016 we began to look into the option of foster-to-adopt because we really wanted a family. We found an agency we liked and became licensed [as foster parents]. But throughout this process, we couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting a child of our own,” Ashley said.

Following their instincts, they scheduled an appointment at Texas Fertility Center and met with Kaylen Silverberg MD. “I found out that Dr. Silverberg didn’t agree with the guidance the OB/GYN had given. He said that if we had come to him sooner, he would have done more fertility evaluations to discover what my fertility challenges really were.”

Becoming parents through IVF after years of tryingThey then tried injectable fertility medications and double IUIs, but it still didn’t work. “At this point, we had spent over $40,000 and were tapped out financially. While I have good insurance, it didn’t cover many of the fertility treatments I was trying,” Ashley recalled. But despite financial constraints, when Dr. Silverberg recommended IVF, Ashley and her husband wanted to make it happen.

After receiving financial support from Ashley’s grandparents, they were able to move forward with becoming parents through IVF. Ashley became pregnant after one round of IVF and their baby boy was born December 2017.

Receive specialized fertility support as soon as possible

When asked about advice she has for other hopeful parents, Ashley said that she recommends seeking specialized treatment as soon as possible. In her words, “I wish I hadn’t waited so long [to receive support from a fertility clinic], but unfortunately I wasn’t educated about it and didn’t know it was something I should have looked into sooner.”

Ashley also thinks fondly of her time with Texas Fertility Center. “I liked that they were good at explaining everything that was going on, what our options were, and what our chances were for conceiving, based on the treatments we were trying. Everyone was so nice and real. I wasn’t going there for fun – it was a rough, deeply personal experience – so I appreciated the caring support I received.”

If you would like to learn more about becoming parents through IVF at Texas Fertility Center, please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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