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Overcoming IUI Failures to Conceive

Finding Texas Fertility Center after IUI failures

Finding Texas Fertility Center after IUI failuresRenee and Andrea assumed that it would be easy to conceive as a same-sex couple, but they became discouraged after six failed intrauterine insemination (IUI) cycles with two different doctors. Thankfully, they found our Austin fertility center and our team helped them moved past their IUI failures.

The couple couldn’t understand why intrauterine insemination wasn’t working because Renee had regular cycles. “It was emotionally and financially difficult for us,” Renee explains. “I always knew I was meant to have a baby, so I was in a really low place when the treatments kept failing.”

During this time, the couple kept hearing about Texas Fertility Center and Thomas Vaughn MD. According to Renee, “I was having some autoimmune issues and wasn’t sure if I was ready to try again, but it seemed like a sign.” The couple scheduled an appointment with Dr. Vaughn and their fertility journey started moving forward.

Taking the first steps to overcome IUI failures

Finding Texas Fertility Center after IUI failuresAt the couple’s first appointment with Dr. Vaughn, Renee and Andrea “felt like a weight had been lifted” because they had someone who was committed to helping them conceive. After reviewing their medical records and redoing some diagnostic testing, Dr. Vaughn found some issues that the other doctors missed. This included endometriosis.

After receiving treatment for endometriosis, the couple tried another IUI. However, they didn’t conceive. “We were devastated and just held each other and cried,” Renee says. “Dr. Vaughn recommended that we try IVF. After we took time to think about it, we decided to do it.”

Beginning the IVF process

Finding Texas Fertility Center after IUI failuresIn light of the string of IUI failures, Renee and Andrea were ready to see a positive pregnancy test. Renee took medications to stimulate her ovaries to produce multiple eggs and then she came to our Austin fertility center for the egg retrieval with Dr. Vaughn.

According to Renee, “After the procedure, he was so proud to tell me that he retrieved six healthy eggs, but I cried. I had heard of other people getting more eggs, so I was worried that six wouldn’t be enough.”

However, the couple had nothing to worry about because those six eggs fertilized, and four healthy embryos eventually developed. After the first embryo transfer, Renee and Andrea were thrilled to learn they were pregnant with a baby girl who they named Ryan. They’re also planning to go back for another embryo transfer soon to give her a sibling.

Advice for other hopeful parents facing IUI failures

Finding Texas Fertility Center after IUI failuresRenee and Andrea know how devastating it can be to suffer multiple IUI failures, but they stress that it’s important to “be persistent and stay hopeful.” Renee also wants women to know that it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and afraid, but that it’s important to rely on others for support. “You need a strong support system when you’re going through infertility,” she says.

When asked for her biggest piece of advice, Renee says, “When it comes to IVF, just go for it. It’s so worth it.”

If you’re looking for treatment after IUI failures or seeking LGBT-friendly fertility options, our Austin fertility center can help. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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