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How Dr. Gavrizi Can Help With Preserving Fertility

Preserving fertility is possible with help from Dr. GavriziPreserving fertility is possible with help from Dr. Gavrizi

Women everywhere are waiting longer to become mothers, and it makes sense. More women are focusing on their education, careers, travel and relationships in their 20s and early-30s. However, this same time period is the peak of female fertility. Thankfully, patients can have the best of both worlds because Dr. Sarah Gavrizi can help with preserving fertility.

“Life is different for women today, as more of us are focusing on achieving our educational, professional and personal goals before becoming mothers. In the past, waiting to conceive made it more difficult to have a baby. However, we now have advanced fertility preservation options available.”

What are the different options for preserving fertility?

There are two main types of fertility preservation, including medical and elective. “I recommend medical fertility preservation when patients are preparing to undergo certain treatments that could damage their fertility. Some examples include radiation and chemotherapy. As for elective preservation, I tell patients it’s a great way for anyone to preserve their fertility while they’re still young.”

Women can go about preserving fertility in one of two ways. The first option is egg freezing, which is great for women who have not yet found the partner they would like to have children with. Embryo freezing with our Austin fertility specialist is the other choice. This option can help couples as well as women who want to use a sperm donor.

Both methods of preserving fertility involve taking injectable fertility medications to stimulate the development of multiple eggs at once. Dr. Gavrizi then performs an egg retrieval procedure when the eggs are mature. The next steps then differ, depending on whether a patient is pursuing egg or embryo freezing.

  • With egg freezing, embryologists in the IVF lab freeze the mature eggs using a flash-freezing process called vitrification.
  • In contrast, embryologists fertilize the retrieved eggs and allow them to develop into embryos before preserving them during an embryo freezing cycle.

“I work with patients to discuss their family-building goals to help them decide which fertility preservation option is best for them.”

Dr. Gavrizi can help you take the next step

If you’d like to explore fertility preservation, Dr. Gavrizi can help. During your first appointment, you’ll discuss your medical history and fertility goals. Then, Dr. Gavrizi will order basic tests to learn about your baseline fertility before developing a customized plan for you.

Contact us if you’d like to know more about fertility preservation or schedule an appointment with this Austin fertility specialist.

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