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Fertility Preservation Can Boost U.S. Fertility Rates

How to boost U.S. fertility rates

Fertility rates have people talking. As someone struggling with infertility, and actively pursuing fertility treatment to overcome it, you may read the news headlines about America’s declining fertility rate with dismay. After all, Texas Fertility Center knows that you would give anything to help bump up the fertility rate! To help with this problem, fertility preservation could boost U.S. fertility rates.

Our declining fertility rate is caused by a shift in demographics as our baby boomers age, and the childbearing generation delays starting a family. The U.S. has dropped below 2.1 average babies per woman. At that rate, there won’t be enough resources to care for our aging population.

Preserving fertility with egg freezing – How to boost U.S. fertility rates

Why the decline in fertility? Experts speculate that we choose not to have children during a recession. At Texas Fertility Center, we understand that a career path, finding the right match and other timing issues may delay plans to get pregnant. The problems associated with a nation’s fertility rate can circle back to a leading cause of infertility: advanced maternal age.

Texas Fertility Center works to increase public awareness about fertility facts, including how age impacts fertility. Putting off a family until your late 30s or 40s can jeopardize your ability to get pregnant.  Advances in egg freezing, however, help women preserve their fertility.

How fertility preservation works

  1. Proven fertility drugs cause multiple eggs to mature and release in a cycle of ovulation induction.
  2. TFC retrieves eggs during an in-office procedure while the patient is sedated.
  3. The Texas Fertility Center IVF lab identifies and prepares eggs for freezing.

If you are considering delaying getting pregnant, or facing cancer treatment that puts your reproductive system at risk, ask about cryopreserving oocytes (egg freezing) at Texas Fertility Center. Contact us to learn more.

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