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After Infertility: Advice from Fertility Patients

Get advice from fertility patients

Texas Fertility Center’s 27th IVF Baby Reunion, set for April 7, got us thinking. What words of comfort, encouragement and advice can our parents with success stories offer current fertility patients? Surely they remember what it’s like in the trenches: braving fertility drug injections, mood swings and revolving-door fertility appointments.

Our TFC fertility nurses, reproductive endocrinologists and office team feel your pain, but may not have experienced infertility firsthand. We tend to focus on high IVF success rates, the promise of restored fertility and positive outcomes. That’s why we hold our annual IVF Baby Reunion, after all. It reminds us that new families are born out of the sacrifices.

How did you survive infertility? Seeking advice from fertility patients

We’ll ask our friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter to share some words of encouragement for current TFC patients, as well as the greater Austin and San Antonio infertility community.

Watch for updates on our social media sites and blog feeds. Meanwhile, we’ll get the conversation started.

Encouraging words from the Texas Fertility Center staff

  • “Take care of yourself! It’s important to focus on wellness during infertility treatment, so I like to encourage couples to plan a regular date night, load up on whole foods, exercise and get enough sleep.”
  • “Subscribe to Pinterest and its Motivational Monday quotes.”
  • “Fertility envy is real and unavoidable. Don’t feel guilty about insulating yourself from baby showers and children’s birthday parties. However, it’s also important to recognize the efforts of family and friends that try to soften the news when they get pregnant.”
  • “Start a journal, and look back along the journey to applaud your own strength and courage! Remember—infertility is a disease, not a character flaw. You are making every effort to overcome.”

April 21-27 marks Infertility Awareness Week, and Texas Fertility Center will do its part to communicate a message of hope. You will survive infertility, and we will provide support and medical empowerment throughout this trying time. If you haven’t already partnered with a fertility specialist, contact us.

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