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IVF Success Rates: How Fertility Clinics Stack Up

Comparing IVF success rates

The SART and CDC just released the 2011 comparative success rates for fertility clinics. Texas Fertility Center consistently ranks above the national average for IVF success rates. However, comparing IVF success rates is just one data point to consider when deciding on a fertility clinic.

One of our fertility specialists, Dr. Kaylen Silverberg, says: “Even if you understand the IVF rates and how to read them, it’s hard to apply this information to grade clinics.” If you are considering IVF, it’s important to know how IVF success rates are calculated, and how to read the data.

TFC Top 5 Tips to Evaluate IVF Success Rates

  1. Ask about live birth rates. Our fertility clinic has welcomed over 12,000 babies into the world. We strike a balance of recommending the fertility treatment most likely to lead to a pregnancy, and respecting the wishes of couples that want to pursue IVF despite obstacles.
  2. Don’t settle for average. A leading fertility clinic, like Texas Fertility Center, will report above average statistics year after year.
  3. Is the fertility clinic experienced in IVF? The number of IVF cycles performed in a year should average out to at least 2 per week (or 120 total).
  4. Compare apples to apples. Evaluate the statistics that apply to you. This includes age group and anticipated type of IVF cycle (donor egg, fresh or frozen transfer).
  5. Choose an IVF clinic that prioritizes your hopes and dreams over success rates. It’s possible to stack the deck in IVF success rates by only accepting patients with a good chance for an optimal outcome. TFC takes on difficult cases because we have the expertise and experience to beat the odds.

IVF fertility treatment requires you to make a significant physical, financial and emotional investment. You might consider traveling to an out-of-town fertility clinic for better IVF success rates.

Contact Texas Fertility Center at our Austin, Round Rock or San Antonio clinics to learn more about our IVF protocols and IVF success rates.

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