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Finding the Right Fertility Treatment

The importance of finding the right fertility treatment

The importance of finding the right fertility treatmentOur Austin fertility specialists know that every person and every case of infertility is different. While one patient might only need lifestyle changes to conceive, another might require more advanced fertility treatments, such as IVF with preimplantation genetic screening.

Don’t waste your time and money on ineffective treatments. Instead, count on our physicians work to accurately and promptly diagnose your fertility issues. Then, they will develop the treatment plan that is most likely to help you bring home a bundle of joy.

Finding the right fertility treatment

As an Ovation Fertility™ partner, our Austin fertility specialists provide individualized fertility care. TFC is not like other fertility practices. Our team doesn’t rely on a one size fits all approach. In contrast, you will undergo a diagnostic workup specifically developed for you based on your previous medical, gynecological and fertility history, followed by a customized plan for fertility treatment designed to maximize your chances of success while meeting your budget and family-building goals.

The process of finding the right fertility treatment begins with comprehensive fertility testing for you and your partner.

  • The most common tests that we may order include blood work to assess your hormone levels, an ultrasound to examine your uterus and ovaries and a semen analysis for your partner.
  • Based on your age, ultrasound and past history, we may recommend ovarian reserve testing to determine how many eggs are present in your ovaries.
  • You might also undergo a hysterosalpingogram, or HSG, to determine if your fallopian tubes are open, and preconception genetic screening with your partner to determine if either of you carry a genetic disorder that you could pass on to your baby.
  • We will review any previous fertility treatment and testing.

After reviewing your test results with your fertility specialist, he or she will explain your fertility treatment options and you will work together to select the best treatment plan for your situation. This in-depth process ensures that you pursue the fertility treatments that are most likely to help you have a baby.

Finding the right fertility treatment makes all the difference

Don’t waste time on fertility treatments that won’t work for you. Instead, let our Austin fertility specialists customize your treatment plan. It will save you the time, money and heartache associated with failed treatments. You can meet your baby sooner with the right treatment.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more about diagnostic testing and customized fertility treatment plans. Our Austin fertility specialists will hold your hand as you walk down the path to parenthood.

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