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Preimplantation Genetic Testing Options

TFC offers advanced preimplantation genetic testing options

For some patients, the need to transfer genetically normal embryos is paramount. To help achieve this, we offer preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). Our Austin fertility doctors explain preimplantation genetic testing options.

Who needs preimplantation genetic testing options

Testing is not necessary for all couples. However, in some cases, it is an important tool to assess the genetic makeup of the embryos. Couples in which one or both are carriers of genetic diseases may opt to test embryos prior to transfer to determine if they are positive for the disease.

Couples with a single gene defect, a situation in which one partner either has the disease or is a carrier for the disease, can utilize PGD through a genetic probe. Using this determines whether the trait has been passed on. PGS can help couples with recurrent miscarriage, recurrent IVF failure, women over 40, and genetically normal couples with balanced translocation.

How is it done?

Our lab exposes the eggs to sperm in the laboratory. On day 3 after the retrieval, the lab professionals observe the embryos under the microscope. They determine which embryos have fertilized and how many they can biopsy. They remove a single cell from the embryo and send it to the reference lab for genetic testing. By day 5 after transfer, the results are received from the lab and a decision can be made about how many embryos are approved for transfer.

As with most fertility treatments, preimplantation genetic testing options are not a perfect science. But it can help identify and decrease the risk of passing along genetic defects to offspring.

For more information about testing options, contact us. We can help you have the healthy baby of your dreams and say goodbye to genetic illness.

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