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Why TFC? Fertility Preservation Services

Giving patients more options with fertility preservation services

Sometimes, women and men want to preserve their fertility. In this blog, I will tell you a little about our fertility preservation services. I’ll also review some of the things that make us different from other doctors who practice infertility.

Fertility preservation services at TFC

For nearly three decades, TFC has been providing sperm freezing to men with cancer or other serious medical illness. They contact TFC in order to bank sperm before surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. Because they know that each of these treatments can significantly impair their future fertility. Many of these men have come back to us for fertility treatment after surviving their disease. Fortunately, due to the expertise of our embryologists and andrologists, we have been able to help an overwhelming percentage of these men conceive healthy children.

We have also been providing sperm freezing services to many men in the armed forces. These men want to bank sperm prior to military deployment. Although they will benefit from peace of mind knowing that their partner has access to their sperm. We were all overwhelmed when we were recently presented with a certificate of appreciation from the United States Department of the Army in recognition of the service that we have provided to our men and women in uniform.

A deeper look at egg freezing

In addition to offering services to men, with the success of our egg vitrification program, we are also now able to offer fertility preservation services to women. We can freeze eggs for women before cancer treatment with surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. Once they are cured, they can return to use their eggs. We also partner with the Komen Foundation for the Cure as well as Fertile Hope through the Livestrong Foundation, in order to provide these services to seriously ill men and women at a significantly reduced cost. Although many fertility programs may tell you that they can “freeze eggs”, TFC is the only program in Texas that has had healthy babies delivered from both patient and donor eggs that we have frozen in our laboratory.

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