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Why TFC? Embryology and Andrology

The importance of embryology and andrology

What happens in the IVF lab can make or break a cycle. When looking for a fertility clinic, you need to consider embryology and andrology. In this blog, I will tell you a little about our embryology and andrology programs. I’ll also discuss some of the things that make us different from other doctors who practice infertility.

Embryology and andrology services

Our CLIA-certified andrology laboratory performs all types of sperm evaluation and sperm function testing. This determines the optimal treatment choice for men with low sperm count or poor sperm function. Our laboratories are recognized for excellence in embryology and andrology. In fact, our laboratory director, Tom Turner, and Dr. Kaylen Silverberg wrote the chapter in the Textbook of Assisted Reproductive Technology on sperm evaluation.

Our andrologists also prepare sperm specimens for intrauterine insemination (IUI). They choose from among several different preparation methods. In cases of severe male factor infertility, our embryology and andrology professionals work together to isolate and prepare even extremely low numbers of sperm for fertilization or injection directly into eggs. In the most extreme cases of male factor – those following previous vasectomy or for men with genetic obstructions or other abnormalities – our embryologists work with Central Texas’ finest urologists to produce babies from cases in which we have had even fewer than twenty total sperm to work with.

Confidence when visiting TFC

When couples need advanced treatment using IVF, they know that Central Texas’ largest IVF program can offer anything that they need. From frozen eggs – where we are the only program in Texas to have produced healthy children from both donor and non-donor vitrified eggs – to novel stimulation protocols, laser-assisted embryo hatching, and complete genetic embryo screening, TFC has proven time and again to be a worldwide leader.

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