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Surviving Mother’s Day on a Fertility Treatment Cycle

SONY DSCSurviving Mother’s Day with infertility

Holidays, particularly those with children as the focus, can make you feel anything but celebratory. While you are undergoing fertility treatment, the TFC family will help you anticipate and weather the emotional challenges of TTC. Mother’s Day is approaching, and the fertility advocates at TFC offer this advice:

If you are preparing for a fertility treatment cycle

This may be the first time you experience the ups and downs of hormonal surges, combined with cautiously optimistic hope and the rigor of multiple appointments at TFC Austin, Round Rock or San Antonio. Add Surviving Mother’s Day to the schedule, and you have a cauldron of emotions ready to bubble over. Our fertility team encourages proactive relaxation. Plan a special dinner out, a quick weekend away, a long walk or a short massage.

If you find yourself in the middle of a fertility cycle

Yes, we want you to relax. However, a productive and fulfilling schedule that includes activities that you enjoy will mitigate clock watching and symptom checking. Eat well, get plenty of sunshine, exercise, and rest, and try to plan something meaningful to help you survive Mother’s Day. Restaurant Week for Meals on Wheels falls on May 11-14 and May 18-21; a portion of your check benefits homebound older adults served by Meals on Wheels. Dine out for a great cause; better yet, ask about volunteer needs for the organization.

If you hear negative results after a fertility cycle

Women facing infertility on Mother’s Day share stories of solidarity and support on the National Infertility Association (Resolve) website. We hope that these words bring you comfort and that you will share with others your own advice. The TFC website also shares stories of Moms-To-Be who won the battle against infertility. Read their stories to find hope for your own fight.

Surviving Mother’s Day will eventually transition to savoring Mother’s Day. We want to remind you that over 80 percent of couples who partner with a fertility specialist eventually do beat infertility. If you wish to plan a fertility treatment cycle well before Mother’s Day 2015, contact the team at TFC.

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