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Finding Fertility Success with Preimplantation Genetic Screening

Fertility Treatments wimberly Tx

The journey to Texas Fertility Center and preimplantation genetic screening Wimberley resident, Christen, age 39, married her husband, Steven age 44, in 2008, and right away the couple knew that they wanted to start a family. According to Christen, “I come from a big family, so we knew from the beginning that we wanted to  

Dr. Anthony Propst Champions IVF for Military Families

IVF for Military

How IVF for Military Families Helps Our Heroes After trying to get pregnant on three continents, Master Sergeant Chasity Bingley knew she needed to enlist the right fertility specialist. She and her husband Herman, who was also active duty military in the U.S. Army, had just returned stateside from Germany when she suffered a miscarriage  

Donor sperm IVF led to a home run cycle for a Valley Mills single mom

Polly Barrett had three strikes against her when she decided she was ready to have children. She was single, over 38 and experiencing significant anatomic barriers to pregnancy. It’s always ironic for women to discover that they have wasted years taking birth control pills, unaware of hidden syndromes such as tubal disease or adhesions that  

Sarah and Justin

Sarah and Justin qualified for an IVF study that led to a successful pregnancy Justin walked through the doors of an apartment community and Sarah got a new lease on life. Working as a leasing consultant, Sarah forged a friendship and then a relationship with the man who would become her husband and “knight in  

LGBT fertility treatment helps pave the way

LGBT fertility treatment helps pave the way to a family for same-sex couples like Gina and Ashley Gina and Ashley grew up together going to the same Austin schools, but it would take decades for the two to reunite, fall in love and marry. They overcame distance, legal hurdles and Gina’s severe endometriosis before they  

A Fertility Journey: Embryo Freezing to IVF with Donor Eggs

Finding love and then finding Texas Fertility Center for embryo freezing Georgetown resident, Caitlin Hill, moved to the area with her family during high school. While in college, she came home for a weekend and took her younger sister to youth group at the family’s church. There, Caitlin’s sister introduced her to a man named  

Fertility treatment gives Claudia a second chance at becoming a mom

When Claudia Hopper was a junior at Texas State University (then Southwest Texas) she felt a pain in her chest. Her parents were visiting and worried that her childhood thyroid cancer had recurred. Testing confirmed that a tumor the size of an orange had wrapped itself around her sternum. Doctors in San Marcos diagnosed her  

Dr. Tony Propst Performs Fertility-Preserving Fibroid Surgery

Dr. Tony Propst performs fertility-preserving fibroid surgery Tristi Tobias dreamed of a family. However, after experiencing two ectopic pregnancies in her 20s, the 40-year-old teacher thought, “I’ll never be a mother.” She was also experiencing horrible monthly cycles, but she just “assumed that’s how periods are.” During a routine checkup, Tristi’s OB-GYN discovered fibroids, but  

Fibroids surgery reveals severe endometriosis as Archaeologist uncovers a fertility-sparing choice

Kristen Mt. Joy was living in Fort Hood and experiencing non-stop bleeding from periods. Her obgyn found fibroids and suggested surgery, preparing Kristen for the possibility of losing her uterus in the process.The young single woman was shocked, and said she shed a lot of tears that day. “I didn’t want to have the option  

Dr. Lisa Hansard performs fibroid surgery to preserve fertility

Fibroid Surgeon in Austin

Tashara knew something was wrong. The 32-year-old high school teacher was experiencing heavy periods, wearing super tampons all of the time. Her friends and family reassured her and said: “Oh, you are just getting older; it’s no big deal. Let it go.” She scheduled a well woman’s exam anyway, and was told that she had