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Our team supports women and men who are using donor eggs

Using donor eggs is a beautiful way to build your family. The donor services team at our Austin fertility center is here to support you on every step of your family-building journey. We have included some information below to help you learn what to expect.

Taking the first steps – Using donor eggs at TFC

At Texas Fertility Center (TFC), we want to make sure you and your partner are healthy before beginning a donor egg cycle. As a result, if you will be carrying the pregnancy, you will need to complete the following steps before using donor eggs at our Austin fertility center.

  • Uterine evaluation using an hysterosalpingogram (HSG)
  • Infectious disease screening for both partners
  • Semen analysis with antisperm antibody
  • Third-party psychological counseling
  • Recent Pap smear
  • Recent mammogram starting at age 40

Getting started with a donor egg cycle using an anonymous donor

After your TFC physician gives approval for you to proceed with using donor eggs, you can view the TFC donors online and select the right donor for your family. After confirming her availability, you will schedule a financial appointment to collect donor fees.

Your donor will then begin a comprehensive screening process, which should take about four to eight weeks. If the results are normal, she will start birth control pills before beginning fertility medications to stimulate the development of multiple eggs in her ovaries. When her eggs are mature, she will undergo egg retrieval.

If you will be carrying the pregnancy, you will take birth control pills, Lupron injections to prevent ovulation, oral estradiol to build your uterine lining and Crinone vaginal progesterone.

Getting started with a donor egg cycle using a known donor

If you would like someone you know to be your egg donor (a known donor), she will need to undergo testing to make sure she is a good candidate. A doctor will need to perform blood testing to assess her ovarian reserve (egg supply).

Once our Austin fertility center reviews the woman’s test results, your doctor can approve moving forward using donor eggs from the woman. At this point, you will need to draft a legal agreement and attend a group counseling session with your donor. After these steps are completed, the process can proceed just like any other donor cycle.

Get answers to your questions about using donor eggs

If you have any questions or wish to discuss the process further, you can call the TFC Donor Department at 512-451-0149 and select option 6 to speak to a nurse. You can also contact us here. We want you to feel confident and informed as you move forward with egg donation.

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