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Cost of Egg Freezing

Considering the cost of egg freezing

Women often have three questions about egg freezing. Does insurance cover the cost? Can I afford egg freezing? What is the cost of egg freezing?

Egg freezing is typically an elective procedure, so it is not usually covered by health insurance. The team at Texas Fertility Center understands the financial strain such a procedure can place on some patients.

Freezing eggs is a delicate, multi-step process that includes hormone injections, monitoring, egg retrieval and long-term storage. Texas Fertility Center has very competitive pricing compared to the national average. We also have billing specialists who can help with financing, if needed.

Anticipating the cost of egg freezing

When it comes to the cost of egg freezing, it’s important to know that the final fee will vary depending on several factors.

  • The amount of fertility medication needed to stimulate the ovaries to produce enough eggs varies from woman to woman. The goal is to produce and freeze as many healthy eggs as possible.
  • Older women and women with a lower than average egg count may need to undergo more than one cycle to retrieve enough viable eggs. By the time a woman is age 40, on average only 1 out of 8 eggs is viable.
  • Women should also keep in mind that the longer they keep their eggs frozen, the more they’ll pay in storage fees.

Affordable egg freezing – $0 down financing program

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Texas Fertility Center is an expert in reproductive medicine. Our partner fertility lab, Ovation®, holds all required industry certifications and adheres to rigorous standards established by our internal clinical advisory committee.

However, the incredible breakthrough of egg freezing can’t have a positive effect on women’s lives without being accessible.

Texas Fertility Center has developed a unique egg freezing program that makes the process affordable by spreading the costs of retrieving, freezing and storing your eggs over 60 months. You can begin the process for $0 down. You make easy monthly payments* until you repay the cost of your treatment.

With this unique fertility preservation plan, there are no hidden finance charges or unnecessary fees. You just have low-interest financing to help you protect your fertility.

If you are interested in egg freezing or TFC egg freezing financing, please contact our office to schedule an appointment with one of our fertility specialists. You can ask any questions about egg freezing costs and to explore the financing options available through third-party vendors.

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