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How to Choose a Clinic for Egg Freezing

What’s the measure of egg freezing success? The number of babies BORN from frozen eggs

Texas Fertility Center (TFC) has been helping patients welcome healthy babies since 1980. During this time, doctors and patients alike have looked to us as leaders in infertility treatment and fertility preservation. When it comes to egg freezing, the TFC team not only freezes eggs. We also thaw them to help patients welcome healthy babies born from frozen eggs. In fact, we’ve had over 200 babies born from eggs frozen at our Austin egg freezing center.

Ask the right question – How many babies have been born from eggs frozen in your program?

Egg freezing has become a popular way for women to take control of their fertility. They can freeze and store their eggs to achieve motherhood when they’re ready for it. When looking for an Austin egg freezing center, it’s important for women to ask the right questions.

  • All women should ask a fertility clinic whether they have had babies born from frozen eggs in their program.
  • If the answer is yes, women should ask the clinic how many babies have been born from frozen eggs.

Advances in egg freezing techniques make it possible to safely freeze and store a woman’s delicate eggs. However, not all clinics can successfully freeze and/or thaw a woman’s eggs so that she can become pregnant later. In fact, many IVF clinics have frozen eggs, but still have not had any live births from egg freezing.

The TFC difference when it comes to egg freezing

Our Austin egg freezing center can freeze and thaw eggs to help women and couples achieve pregnancy later. Since we’ve started freezing eggs, our team has had more than 200 babies born from frozen eggs. We are excited to report that this number is growing rapidly.

Women deserve to have the freedom to have a child when they feel ready. Egg freezing allows them to preserve their fertility while they focus on achieving personal, educational and professional goals. By giving women confidence that we can successfully freeze and thaw eggs, they no longer have to feel controlled by their biological clock.

If you’re interested in freezing your eggs, contact our Austin egg freezing center. We can help you take control of your fertility.

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