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Gracie Beth’s Story

Gracie Beth’s Story

Our battle with infertility was one of the toughest five years image (5)of our lives.

When we decided that we were ready to begin our family, we had no idea the long, emotional road that God would lead us down. After seeing a fertility specialist in our town, our frustration grew.  After our two miscarriages, several frustrating appointments, and endless unanswered questions, we began to think that having our own baby wasn’t in the cards for us.

After two years of complete frustration and despair with the care we were getting, we came to the conclusion that this process shouldn’t take this kind of toll on us and we stopped treatment. Even though we were done seeing a specialist, we didn’t stop trying for a baby. We looked into alternative methods of conceiving and began to look into adoption.  The strong desire to have a baby doesn’t go away, and while we were no longer frustrated with doctor appointments, we were still fighting that battle and frustration of infertility. Sharing our stories lead us to a network of other couples who had gone through similar experiences.  Through these couples, we were directed to TFC.  We were so hesitant to go through that process again, and the hour long drive to Austin for each appointment didn’t sound fun, but after prayer and listening to other couples we decided to call TFC.  This was one of the best decisions of our lives.

When we met Dr. Lisa Hansard, it was an answered prayer.  Her personality, reassurance, and positive outlook was just what we needed, right when we needed it.  We started treatments at TFC and the whole experience was amazing.  Through our ups and our downs the TFC staff, and Dr. Hansard were a complete support system.  Where I used to dread going to the doctor, I looked forward to the drive to Austin and the visit to TFC.  After unsuccessful medicated cycles and IUIs, Dr. Hansard talked to us about IVF.  We were always hesitant about the process, but she talked us through it, answered every question, and both of us decided this is the road we wanted to go on.  We started the IVF process in July 2013, and on September 1st found out we were pregnant.

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On April 20, 2014, Easter Sunday, we welcomed Grace Elizabeth into our lives.  Gracie Beth has brought us more joy than we could have imagined.  The whole IVF experience was amazing for us, and we are so thankful that God used Dr. Hansard in giving us the gift of our daughter. We know we want a large family, and the anxiety and fear of having more children is completely gone after our experience at TFC.

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