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Resolve to Know More During Infertility Awareness Week 2014


Celebrating Infertility Awareness Week 2014

Since 1989, the National Infertility Association (RESOLVE) has celebrated Infertility Awareness Week. This year, they invite people to share their stories during Infertility Awareness Week 2014. At TFC, we resolve to give voice to the silent sufferers. We also do our part to help them know that there is hope and help.

The challenge (Resolve to Know More) takes on a different meaning for everyone

  • For the patients at TFC, it might mean reinforcing to family and friends that infertility is a disease. It affects 1 in 8 Americans. It is not their body’s response to “trying too hard,” or too much stress at work.
  • The challenge for the couples who now have children is to advocate for the infertility community. We know that you are tired and busy. However, please use Infertility Awareness Week 2014 to reach out to your elected representatives. Tell them you support legislation that provides tax relief for infertility treatment, fertility rescue and IVF.
  • As for us, we’ll continue to raise awareness outside the fertility clinic walls. We speak up for the men and women who suffer as infertility delays their dreams of starting a family. We monopolize the conversation over dinner, on the jogging trail, in the medical school classroom, and on Capitol Hill. We’ll keep at it!

More about Infertility Awareness Week 2014

We hope that you will read more about fertility advocacy and consider supporting the Fertility Foundation of Texas. This independent non-profit organization raises awareness about infertility, provides funding for fertility patients and helps support fertility research. On their web page , you will find actionable ways to respond to the Infertility Awareness Week challenge: Resolve to Know More.

The good people at RESOLVE provide tips and eye-opening statistics for engaging your friends, family and social network in conversation during Infertility Awareness Week. If you want to know more about getting involved with the Fertility Foundation of Texas, contact them here.

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