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Our response to the recent ASRM guidelines

Texas Fertility Center is a proud member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Having said that, sometimes we disagree with ASRM recommendations.  The ASRM response to COVID-19 is one of these times.

We believe that the recent ASRM statement recommending the cessation of fertility treatment unnecessarily discriminates against patients with infertility.  If ASRM believes pregnancy is contraindicated in the face of this current pandemic, they would have advised all couple of reproductive age to use mandatory contraception to prevent pregnancy.

We have been unable to find any data that suggests that patients who conceive as a result of fertility treatment are at any greater risk than the general population.  Nor can we find any data to suggest that pregnancy increases a woman’s susceptibility to infection with COVID-19 or that this virus can be transmitted from an infected pregnant woman to her baby.  In fact, a study of pregnant women infected with SARS (a previous corona virus) did not show any transmission of the virus to their babies.  All babies delivered in this study were normal.

As a result, unless we are presented with conclusive data to the contrary, TFC is standing with our patients and will remain open in order to provide all fertility related services.  We have developed a 4 phase contingency plan that we will follow as conditions dictate.  Two weeks ago we instituted phase 1 policies designed to keep our patients, our staff and our families safe.

Austin Fertility Surgery Center is also staying open.  This center is not part of a hospital system and does not use any equipment, supplies, or personnel that would otherwise be used by any hospital or emergency facility.

We believe in the strength and resilience of the American people and know that life will return to normal – hopefully soon.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions and please continue to check our website for any updates.