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Benefits of Telemedicine

Take advantage of the benefits of telemedicine at Texas Fertility Center

Take advantage of the benefits of telemedicine at Texas Fertility CenterOur Austin infertility clinic uses the latest treatments and technology to help our patients conceive. This includes utilizing telemedicine for virtual fertility appointments. As more women and men have taken advantage of this option, our team has discovered many benefits of telemedicine. These telemedicine advantages range from convenience to patient comfort.

First of all, what is telemedicine?

Telemedicine allows patients to access medical services and information from the comfort of their home or office. Using secure applications that offer video and voice capabilities, it’s possible to speak with a doctor from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our Austin infertility clinic offers telemedicine visits to many women and men who don’t need a physical exam or bloodwork. This makes virtual fertility appointments perfect for consultations and follow-up visits, which is one of the many benefits of telemedicine.

What are the benefits of telemedicine?

Patients around the country are enjoying many telemedicine advantages. Specifically, our Austin infertility clinic team has found that telemedicine offers the following benefits.

  • Convenience. Patients can receive medical care and advice from the comfort of their home or office. There’s no need to spend time in traffic or waiting rooms.
  • Comfort. Many people find it’s more comfortable to speak with a doctor when they’re somewhere familiar, like their bedroom or living room.
  • Increased access. Some patients may live in areas where fertility care isn’t readily available. Telemedicine can give them easy access to a fertility specialist.
  • Insurance coverage. While every insurance plan varies, many of them provide coverage for virtual doctor visits.
  • Cost savings. Studies have shown that telemedicine can save money for patients, doctors and healthcare practices.

Both studies and anecdotal evidence continue to show that telemedicine can save time, money and lives. In the case of fertility care, another one of the benefits of telemedicine is helping patients start or grow their families.

If you’re ready to learn more about telemedicine and fertility care, contact us to schedule an appointment. The Texas Fertility Center team is here to help you welcome a healthy baby.

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