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LGBTQ Webinar

LGBTQ Fertility Options with Dr. Lisa Hansard

There’s more than one way to build a family. At Texas Fertility Center (TFC), our Austin fertility doctors offer a wealth of LGBTQ fertility options to make motherhood possible. In the below video, Dr. Lisa Hansard provides information on family building options for LGBTQ couples as part of the TFC “LGTBQ Fertility Options” webinar.


LGBT Fertility Stories


Meg & Machin's Story

We always felt comfortable as a lesbian couple, and appreciated the humor, sensitivity, knowledge and understanding that the whole TFC staff extended to us.

Shannon & Beth's Story

Our fertility journey started in 2011. I was 33 at the time and had an overwhelming sense of wanting to be a mother.

Reciprocal IVF for Lesbians with Lisa Hansard, MD

IUI with Donor Sperm