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Counselors for Fertility Treatment

Counselors for fertility treatment can help couples cope with emotions and stress

Whether you are starting your fertility journey alone or with a partner, it can be very challenging emotionally, physically and financially. What is such an endearing time for many people not struggling with fertility issues is often surrounded by hurt and disappointment for those that do encounter these obstacles. Most couples assume they will be able to conceive relatively effortlessly. When this does not happen, the couple then begins a process of invasive tests and procedures that were previously foreign concepts. During this experience, seeking out professional help from counselors for fertility treatment is often advised and recommended.

A professional counselor can help you process the emotions this stirs up and help you identify positive coping strategies for stress reduction.

Every couple, or individual, going through fertility treatment is encouraged to have a psychological evaluation completed by a professional counselor during the initial stages of treatment. The purpose of the evaluation is to prepare patients for the process they are about to undergo, to identify and discuss issues they may not have considered previously, to screen for individuals that may need additional therapy before continuing the process, and to identify any psychological aspects that may adversely affect the infertility treatment.

Many couples struggle with blaming one another for the fertility problems they encounter. This can lead to conflict and hurt in the relationship and can adversely affect the outcome. A counselor can help you to identify these negative cycles and help you to approach treatment with a positive mindset. Counseling also helps the couple define their expectations and articulate their fears or concerns related to the process. It allows for the couple to feel more cohesive and bonded during treatment and after. For patients going through treatment without a partner, counseling provides an outlet to discuss fears and expectations with someone other than family members or friends. Some individuals are hesitant to start counseling before things become intolerable; however, counseling is very beneficial to begin prior to feeling overwhelmed.

While presenting symptoms are unnecessary to start counseling, if you are experiencing any of the following, please seek professional help immediately.

  • A loss of interest in usual activities
  • Depression that does not lift
  • Debilitating focus on infertility
  • High levels of anxiety
  • Sleep problems or fatigue
  • Social, personal isolation
  • Feeling of bitterness or anger
  • Feelings of guilt, pessimism, or worthlessness

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