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Fertility Pharmacies

Fertility pharmacies: Find the right source for fertility medications

All the following pharmacies routinely stock the medications that you will be using during your gonadotropin / IUI or IVF cycle. There may be additional pharmacies not listed here that stock the medications; however, as most pharmacies do not stock fertility medications, we try to maintain a current list of pharmacies that do for your convenience. We strongly recommend that you call ahead to your pharmacy in order to verify that they have the medications that you need.


Freedom Drug
(800) 660-4283


Metro Drugs
(888) 258-0106 Ext 3

MDR Pharmacy
(800) 515-3784

Village Fertility Pharmacy
(877) 334-1610

Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy 

People’s Pharmacy, Austin 
(512) 459-7777