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Bowen’s Story

Josh and I married in 2006 with the hopes and dreams to one day become parents and start a family.



We began trying to conceive in 2010 only to find difficulty and disappointment for 12 months. That’s when I reached out to my OB/GYN. He immediately recommended me to Texas Fertility Center in Austin. I made an appointment and immediately hit it off with Dr. Silverberg!

After doing a thorough exam and tests we found out I was having the fertility issues, not my husband. This wasn’t a big surprise because back in 1997 I had a laparoscope surgery to calm my endometriosis. The doctor made me fully aware that this disease could come back at any time. Dr. Silverberg immediately ordered surgery to take a look and see if my endometriosis had returned. While in surgery, he found a deviated septum as well as stage 4 endometriosis. Once I completely healed from surgery Dr. Silverberg explained that there is no cure for endometriosis but that pregnancy is the best “medicine”.

Josh and I talked it over and immediately knew we wanted to try and get pregnant. He recommended us to jump right into IVF. We followed everything Dr. Silverberg and the nurses said to do but ended up with a negative pregnancy test. We weren’t going to give up our hopes and dreams of becoming parents so we tried another round of IVF only to get another negative pregnancy test. During the second round of IVF we upped my egg production and was able to make 3 embryos instead of two during the first IVF cycle. We transferred 2 embryos both times and decided to freeze the third embryo.

After failing to become pregnant after two rounds of IVF with two transferred embryos each we decided to transfer the one frozen embryo. After preparing my body for the third time to receive a transfer we were notified of a positive pregnancy result! Our hearts were elated!

I had a wonderful pregnancy, labor and delivery and have every bit to thank Dr. Silverberg and his team of nurses and staff. In a very sensitive and fragile time in our lives his team was caring and helpful. We are forever grateful for TFC and Dr. Silverberg.


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