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Briana’s Testimonial

I absolutely recommend Dr. Hansard at Texas Fertility Center!!

Complications with trying to conceive is frustrating and draining.  Our first meeting with Dr. Hansard changed everything.  We left that meeting with a detailed fertility plan and more confidence than we had in over a year!  She also shed some light on some things that were done incorrectly or at the wrong time with previous doctors.

We ended up spontaneously conceiving before starting treatment with Texas Fertility.  However, all of our first appointments were with Dr. Hansard.  They had us take blood work and they called same day with results every time!  They had us come in at 7 weeks for first ultrasound and we were able to get a picture of our baby and hear the heartbeat.  Kat, one of the nurses, calls with a ton of information and next steps and constantly keeps you in the loop.  They are all very friendly at Texas Fertility and have no problem answering all of your questions.

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