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Liz’s Testimonial

Dr. Vaughn is the best doctor ever!

My OB gave me his name when after my husband and I had tried for a year to get pregnant after having had a miscarriage. When I met Vaughn he was direct, gave me his best vision/prediction of the future (I live in the future), and set up a plan for us.

Dr. Vaughn treated me as if it was the first time he heard what I was saying and the first time he was answering my very original questions. He validated me, encouraged me, gave me hope, and allowed me to cry (several times) when I felt like all was lost.

I am writing this after knowing Dr. Vaughn for 5 years. He helped me get pregnant twice and was amazing the whole way through. He, himself, called to check on me at times. He was so helpful, caring, and amazing. I truly love this man. He’s just so great. I can’t put down how wonderful he is. If you’re thinking about fertility, trust me, Dr. Vaughn is for you.

You will LOVE him…I do!

Dr. Thomas Vaughn explains
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