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Melissa’s Story

From the moment we started working with Dr. Silverberg and his staff, we knew we were in good hands.

Several friends who have had success at TFC referred my husband and I there after we were unable to conceive on our own.

From the moment we started working with Dr. Silverberg and his staff, we knew we were in good hands. Dr. Silverberg has a contagious optimism that helped us fight through any hurdle we came across. I had several issues including polyps, cysts and endometriosis that were expertly removed with a combination of surgery and medication. I was also morbidly obese and Dr. Silverberg recommended a medically supervised weight-loss program that helped my husband and I lose more than 100lbs each.

After taking a year off to lose the weight so I could be in the best shape possible to carry, we immediately got pregnant. Unfortunately, we suffered a missed miscarriage due to a chromosomal issue and I had a D&C. Dr. Siverberg and the entire TFC staff was extremely caring and took great care of not only me, but my husband as well.

As soon as we were able, we tried again and I am now 20 weeks along with boy/girl twins.

None of this would have been possible without Dr. Silverberg and the team at TFC. We spent almost four years getting here and despite our losses, every step has been worth it.

All the doctors and staff at TFC care about your well being. I felt that they celebrated and mourned right alongside us. We received lots of encouragement and everyone took time to answer our questions. We never felt like we were wasting their time, even if we knew they were running late for the next appointment.

The have insurance experts on staff who helped us navigate through our coverage. They fought for us when we ran into problems and never once made us feel like we were dumb because we didn’t understand something.

The worst part of TFC is that they release you to your OB once you’ve been blessed with a viable pregnancy. I wish we could be with them all the way through delivery.

I am extremely thankful to TFC for the hard work they do and for bringing me my two sweet children who I will get to meet in a few months, as well as the four other children I get to watch grow because of their parents’ going to TFC too!

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