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Shelly M.’s Testimonial

I went to the Texas Fertility Center as a precaution when I started my fertility journey.  I was 39 and felt I didn’t have time to go about this journey without testing.

When I visited Dr. Silverberg for the first time we tested my hormone levels and they were great but he found three, small fibroids. He recommended that I have a laparoscopy to remove them but I wanted to try for a few months on my own to get pregnant before going that route.

I finally decided to do that about 10 months later and to all of our surprises, I didn’t have three small fibroids, I had one large, 9 cm fibroid. The surgery, which I was terrified of, actually went very smooth and recovery was very fast. He ended up doing a full myomectomy because he found a small fibroid in my fallopian tube which basically gave me a C-section like incision.

Immediately after the fibroid was removed, we got pregnant naturally!!! No IVF needed! I’m due in two months and couldn’t be happier! Dr. Silverberg is a top notch doctor and an excellent surgeon. If he recommends this surgery to you but you are hesitating because you are afraid, as was I, don’t be, you found a great surgeon and if you follow his advice you will have the best chance of being pregnant soon!

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