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Be Heard at RESOLVE Advocacy Day

Have your voice heard at RESOLVE Advocacy Day and let Congress know that you support infertility awareness

RESOLVE Advocacy Day 2020 will take place on May 20th.  Doctors from our Austin fertility center, including Kaylen Silverberg MD, regularly attend the annual event. This day provides an opportunity for the infertility community to speak to members of Congress about important issues in reproductive care.

This year Dr. Silverberg will be attending with a TFC patient representative and recipient of the Texas Fertility Center and Ovation (R) Fertility cosponsored Advocacy Day grant.

Even if you can’t attend RESOLVE Advocacy Day, you can still make your voice heard on Capitol Hill – and it’s as simple as signing your name.

Dr. Silverberg and our patient representative will speak with the Texas House and Senate representatives as a part of the Texas RESOLVE Advocacy Day team. They will also bring a list of TFC patients and friends who support infertility awareness to share on Capitol Hill.

Our Austin fertility center offers two ways to add your name to the list of supporters.

  • The TFC Baby Reunion. On April 19, at our annual Baby Reunion, you’ll find the list at the check-in desk. Just add your name, county to show your support for infertility awareness.
  • The TFC website. By entering your name, Texas county or state and city in our online form below, you can make your voice heard on RESOLVE Advocacy Day.

A commitment to exceptional patient care and infertility awareness

The team at our Austin fertility center believes that our duty to hopeful parents extends beyond providing world-class care.

“Every member of Texas Fertility Center shares a commitment to providing exceptional fertility care that is as accessible as possible to every person suffering from infertility. We realize that it can be difficult for many hopeful parents to afford the fertility testing and treatment they need to become parents, so we lobby corporate executives as well as our elected representatives at the local, state and national levels for increased infertility awareness and insurance coverage,” Dr. Silverberg says.

Participating in RESOLVE Advocacy Day is just one of the ways that our physicians are working to help dreams of parenthood come true.

To add your name to the list of men and women who support infertility awareness below

Dr. Silverberg Talks About Advocacy Day

Watch the TFC Video here.


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