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Fertility 101 Seminar

Struggling to conceive? Learn more about infertility at our Fertility 101 seminar

Fertility 101You aren’t alone if you’re having trouble becoming pregnant. As you’ll learn at our Fertility 101 seminar, 1 in 7 couples will experience infertility. Texas Fertility Center offers Austin fertility seminars to educate the public about the basics of fertility. We believe that it is our duty to help our patients and the community learn more about this important topic.

Our Fertility 101 seminar reviews the basics

Would you be surprised to learn that about half of all cases of infertility can be attributed to male causes, such as low sperm count? Did you know most causes of infertility are very treatable? Did you know that, unlike most medical conditions, infertility is curable? Our Fertility 101 seminar will cover these important fertility facts – and so much more.

At our free, quarterly Austin fertility seminars, Texas Fertility Center physicians and nurses address your questions and concerns. Fertility 101 is open to existing patients as well as anyone in Austin, Round Rock and Central Texas who is not yet a patient. You’ll learn about many topics during the seminar that will help you conceive and welcome a healthy baby.

Our well-respected and experienced fertility specialists lead our Fertility 101 seminars. You will enjoy light refreshments while you learn more about fertility topics in a casual, yet professional, environment.

We believe that fertility education is empowering, and that it is inspiring to hear from other individuals and couples who share your goal of becoming a parent. Learn and gain strength from our Austin fertility specialists and other members of the infertility community.

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For your convenience, we offer our Austin fertility seminars every quarter.

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