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Krystal’s Testimonial

Dr. Natalie Burger was our fertility doctor and she is amazing!

My husband and I are 32 years old. We started our infertility journey about 2 years ago. We tried on our own for 1 year and nothing. Dr. Burger was very thorough and explained every option we had. She listened and always made us feel that having a baby would be possible for our future. We tried the IUI option twice with femara with no luck and instead of doing IUI a 3rd time, I had laparoscopy and hysteroscopy done.
Dr. Burger had suggested from the get go that I might have endometriosis do to my history of spotting before periods and the fact that it ran in my family, but my husband and I wanted to try the IUI first. With no luck with the IUI’s I had the surgery in Oct. 2017. I did indeed have endometriosis on my ovaries and behind my uterus. Dr. Burger also found an abnormality at the top of my uterus when she performed the hysteroscopy and removed it.
In January of 2018 we got the go ahead to start trying. I’m happy to say by March 2018 we found out that I was pregnant!!! We are so happy. We literally thought this day would never come. I want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for Dr. Burger. She is absolutely a wonderful woman and does amazing work and means what she says that she will get you pregnant. I also want to give a big thanks to the nurses. They are the kindest and sweetest of people. I never had a nurse that didn’t have a smile on her face. They always asked how we were. Also my personal nurse Shannon. She was awesome. She answered all my questions that I had when I found out that I was pregnant and I could reach her via email or by phone anytime of the day.
Again thank you so much Dr. Burger. So if your debating about what your next step is I highly suggest TX Fertility. The staff is amazing 🙂

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