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Loraine’s Testimonial

From the first day we met Dr. James she had a plan for us.

She was very thorough. She wanted to know and learn my cycle to understand what was going on. My husband and I both had labs and test run. Once results came in she brought us back in for the next steps. She had found things that previous specialist had never told us or found.

A previous specialist had just started fertility treatments immediately month after month with unsuccessful outcomes each and every time. It had been an emotional and tiring roller coaster. They hadn’t found or told us we were infertile due to medical issues she found. She immediately started me on medications to see if the issue could resolve. She also found I had endometriosis and cysts on both ovaries. A laparoscopy was performed to increase my chances. We knew we had chosen the right doctor.

Dr. James made us feel important and not like another number. She listened to us and had amazing compassion knowing all we had already been through.  From the beginning, she had our best interest at heart and not our pocket book.   We were successful in conceiving with Dr. James.

By the time we had come to her we had lost all hope but her compassion for what she does made us regain it. Put your trust in her, she is an amazing person and doctor. We owe her and her office a lifetime of gratitude.

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