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Nothing I can write here can possibly express how grateful we are for Dr. James


Nothing I can write here can possibly express how grateful we are for Dr. James and all the care she showed us in our 3 year fertility journey that recently ended in the birth of our special little girl. When we first found out we would be going through the fertility process, we were nervous, scared, and pretty clueless. However, from the first time we met her, Dr. James eased our minds and gave us the confidence that she was going to do everything in her power to help us attain our dream of having a baby of our own.

Dr. James possesses many qualities that make her an outstanding doctor…knowledgeable, caring, honest, confident, compassionate while still being straight forward, listens to concerns/answers any questions you may have, and always has multiple suggestions when facing a new challenge. However, the quality that helped us the most through the whole process was her ability to be professional with a personal touch. She took the time to get to know us personally, and we never felt like we were just another patient. For example, when we found out we were pregnant, Dr. James was on maternity leave. She still took the time to personally call me to offer her congratulations and let us know how excited she was for us. Little things like that are what make her so special and make us feel so blessed to have had a chance to work with her!


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