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Pregnancy After 40

Knowledge is power – Learn more about pregnancy after 40

The headlines about celebrities make it seem like pregnancy after 40 is common. However, these stories often don’t show the world the challenges that women face and the fertility treatments they undergo when they want to have a baby after age 40.

It is possible to have a healthy pregnancy after 40. However, our Austin fertility doctors want patients to understand the reality of conceiving after their fortieth birthday.

Exploring the risks of pregnancy after 40

The quality and quantity of a woman’s eggs decline with age. Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have, and they will not develop new ones as they age. Even in a healthy woman, her egg supply will decrease over time and genetic abnormalities can occur in her remaining eggs. Most of the time, genetically abnormal eggs will not develop into a pregnancy. However, if a pregnancy does develop, these abnormalities can cause miscarriage and birth defects.

These realities can make it more difficult for a woman to conceive a healthy pregnancy after 40. If you are over 35 and you have not been able to conceive after six months of trying, you should visit our Austin fertility doctors for help.

Taking steps to optimize your fertility after 40

You might not be able to control your egg supply, but you can take charge of your health. Having a healthy BMI (18-25) can increase your chances of conceiving. To do this, our Austin fertility doctors recommend eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise. Any activity that gets your heart pumping is good. This can include everything from breaking a sweat at the gym to walking with friends.

You should also avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption because these activities can have a negative effect on your fertility.

Partner with a fertility doctor to achieve pregnancy after 40

Pregnancy after 40 comes with unique challenges. It is a strain on any woman’s body, and your vital organs may not perform the same over time. For this reason, it’s important to visit a doctor to make sure that pregnancy is safe for you and your baby. A high-risk obstetrician can evaluate your health and assess your risk of developing high blood pressure or diabetes during your pregnancy.

After determining that your body is ready for pregnancy, our Austin fertility doctors can work with you to make pregnancy possible. Our team offers proven fertility treatments that can make pregnancy possible after 40, including in vitro fertilization (IVF) and donor eggs.

If you are considering having a baby after 40, contact our team to get an evaluation and start your pregnancy on the right foot.

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