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“Amazing Doctor!”


“Phenomenal doctor!!! I saw him for several years and he not only just treated me, but got to the root of the problem. I remember our first consult with him, he asked what test have my OB/Gyn’s done in the past…I told him, “None”. He just looked at me dumbfounded. I’ve struggled with irregular menses my whole life to the point of life threatening anemia and my past docs just put me on birth control pills….well that’s not going to work if I wanted to have a baby. Also, previous fertility doctor in Houston didn’t want to help us at all until I lost weight…even though I was totally healthy otherwise. Dr. Silverberg did my ultrasound HIMSELF and discovered that something was going on structurally with me, I also had a xray of my uterus and I had a tube blocked and it appeared that my uterus had a congenital deformity that he could fix surgically. He scheduled surgery and low and behold, I had severe endometriosis. He cleaned up all of those lesions, scarring, my blocked tube as well. I had no issues healing from that surgery. He could have just started me on drugs and I would have never gotten pregnant. A few cycles after I was healed up, we got pregnant and lost our baby. He was so compassionate and caring. His staff is also amazing. The amount of care and attention that they give you is amazing. You feel like you are visiting family and not just the doctor. They handle just a sensitive issue with professionalism and ease. Even the billing process was wonderful! We got pregnant again and quickly lost that one as well…at this point my nurse and I were very close and she even responded to emails (I didn’t have to go to the office for every issue, Dr. Silverberg would take care of me without calling for an appt at every turn!). Finally, last year, after taking a break for about a year, I went back and complained about weight gain (again brainwashing from previous doctors as if I was unworthy). He told me to buck up! I was taking one for the team and he gave me a smile and reminded me it would be worth it. We had two cycles in 2012. He was rallying for us! He just kept hugging me and telling me this was it! I was on a business trip when I started getting the symptoms and my husband and I were laughed thinking wouldn’t it be funny if I were pregnant with twins. Low and behold, we were pregnant with twins!!! SO amazing! The three of us just celebrated and he was so happy for us. We now have two healthy and beautiful little girls! They are 9 months old now. This journey was long and really hard. I don’t think we would have finished this race without Dr. Silverberg and his staff taking care of us! I’m sure there are other good docs out there, but Dr. Silverberg is FIRST CLASS!!!! We’ll never forget him!!!! THANKS, Dr. Silverberg!!! We are so grateful for you!!!”


Dr. Thomas Vaughn explains
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